Carrnegie Watches started its journey to reflect the timepieces they wanted at a price point their ambitious friends and colleagues could afford. Inspired by the attitudes of our customers who value perfection and embrace the future, we construct our timepieces with a simple fundamental principle: seamless visual continuity throughout the watch. To achieve this, Carrnegie Watches took the time to develop subtle multilayered casing, contrasting colors and materials.


As patient designers, each challenge must be overcome with grace and precision to balance each feature with careful attention to detail. A foundation of resilience is paramount to success. Each Carrnegie timepiece is constructed with 316L steel which has been satin brushed and mirror polished, finished by expert hands.


Carrnegie Watches will continue to design and build watches for the future that embody their commitment to craftsmanship and innovation in everything they do. Our watches reflect the world around you. Each surface has been crafted to dynamically reflect the light and colour in your environment. Through light and shadow, we know there is balance in our bold and elegant designs.